Double click on the downloaded file, EWCVirtual.exe

Double click on the downloaded file, EWCVirtual.dmg


Click through the installer (Your Antivirus might flag the app, but not to worry you can whitelist our app) and launch on the final step or from the Windows Start menu.

– Drag the EWC Virtual icon into the Applications folder.
– Double click it to open the EWC Virtual application.

Run the app when you need to Explore Our 3D World.

Select Your Graphics

Select “Windowed” if you don’t want EWCVirtual to take up your whole screen.

If you want, select your preferred resolution.

Try the “Best” graphics quality, but if you notice stuttering or other performance issues, try one of the lower settings.

When you’re ready, click play!

Create Your Account

Click “Register” and fill out the form. After completing the form, you will return to the login screen.

Once registered, log in with your email address and password.

Customize Your Avatar

Use the panel on your left to customize your avatar. You can return to this screen at any time if you want to make changes later.

Click the green button at the bottom right corner when you’re ready to enter EWC Virtual!

Test Your Microphone

Click the gear icon in the top right corner and then select “Mic Settings”.

Make sure the microphone you want to use is selected. You can click on “Windows/Mac Sound Settings” to see how the sound settings are configured on your computer.

Press Done.

Explore the World

You can point and click with your mouse to move around, or use the wasd keys on your keyboard to move. Hold shift to run. Some tips will appear the first time you join to help you get on your feet.

Click the button in the bottom left corner to turn your microphone on or off. You can also hold the 1 key to activate your microphone in the “push to talk” style.

There’s a text chat window that you can use to chat and share files with other people in the Campus

Use the Go To menu in the top left to find a list of all the rooms that you can teleport to in the Campus. Check out the Auditorium, Conference Hall, Team Room, and others!