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Inspire learners of all ages in your own immersive virtual classroom or campus.
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Enter an immersive, socially connected educational world.

Now, schools and universities can design their own virtual campus to engage students, empower faculty, and bring the spark back to learning.

Solve the Challenges of Remote Education With Realistic Classrooms and Interactive Lessons

Increase Student Engagement and Retention

In virtual classrooms, students and faculty act as avatars for first-person experiences. Watch class outcomes improve with genuine immersion.

Build a Sense of Community and Culture

Existing online or hybrid classes get a boost from virtual spaces. Explore study areas and meeting spots around campus or attend events.

Help Students Socialize and Build Relationships

For students, meeting new people is one of the most valuable parts of school. Kickstart conversations, socialize, and get to know each other.

Drive Higher Course Participation

Instructors can show PDFs, play video, browse the web, drop links, or redecorate the room. Break free from one-way video tedium in no time.

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