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Remote work is incredibly productive, satisfying, and fun in EWC
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A Virtual World Where Real Work Gets Done

Work from wifi is here to stay, so it’s time to design work spaces that enable a stronger, healthier, and more connected company culture and community.

Give Staff and Clients an Always-On Space Where Ideas Flow and Work Gets Done

Make Work Days Fun, Productive, and Engaging

Tasks are great—and they get done in Virbela—but it’s easier to capitalize on the water cooler effect with staff on campus. Think of it as space for serendipity.

Encourage Teamwork Between Remote Teams

Find the sweet spot for remote work in a virtual office. Hold meetings or manage projects in the same room. Go see IT, payroll, or any other team.

Cultivate a Remote Culture Employees Will Love

Getting to properly know your peers is one of the most valuable parts of school. Students can have personal conversations and vital social interactions in Virbela.

Reduce Costs and Increase Sustainability

A virtual campus can replace commercial real estate leases and eliminate business travel. As companies grow, Virbela scales with no slow downs.

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