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3D Immersive Collaboration

We know there’s a better way to work. We’ve tried it and it improves productivity and team work. Our Private Team Suites are always-on, 3D immersive collaboration spaces that foster togetherness, community, and presence. Working remotely doesn’t need to feel isolated.
Why Team Suites?

Remote is The Future of Work

Remote is the future of work, and this is especially so if you have the technology in place to ensure that togetherness, community, and connectivity remains at the fore front of your environment. Our Private Team Suites provide an “always-on” 3D environment that gives any online group a way to collaborate in a way that feels:
More than a video call.

better than an online forum.

feels great like a real world office.

Team Suites are Always-on collaboration

What are Private Team Suites?

Our Private Team Suites are always-on collaboration spaces that will help your remote team come together, feel together, and work together from anywhere in the world.
Spatialized Voice + Text Chat
Hear who you’re close to, and use text chat to share text, emojis 👍, or files.
Private Spaces
Have micro meetings in our virtual world. Locate blue circles or squares to have private meetings.
Fun Activities
You can also have parties, take a boat ride or play soccer in our virtual world!
Presentation Tools
Use Web Screens to display web sites, upload files, or share your screen with others. Point with laser pointers.
Pricing Plan

EWC Pricing

Open Campus is a free, versatile 3D world that fosters a community interested in the future of collaboration. Join us.
Team Suites are private, 3D collaboration spaces in the EWC Virtual World for organizations who need privacy and administrative controls.
Events Hosting is available for those who need to hold an event of various sizes in our virtual world..

Open Campus


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Virtual Suite

$399/Per Month

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  •   Collaboration
  •   Presentation
  •   Private Office Suite
  •   Admin Tools
  •   Support
Virtual Event

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